The Wonders MUSIC Empire

The wonders music empire:
Our message rarely differed from that of the other gospel music circulating presently, but our sound and attitude are of a piece with the most popular hip-hop, R. & B. Highlife, Makosa, hardcore, contemporary acts of the moment. Our physicality sometimes scandalized the older crowd(law folks). We often heard people complain, " they are bringing the world into the church." But those parents also accepted, sometimes grudgingly, that this flashy figure as it appears to be to them, might hold the key to keeping their sons and daughters in the pew and off the streets.
We are the WONDERS, we keep it cool and brutal But we do Christ only.
Our primary aim is to sing the message of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth through songs or music.
God doesn't need us to be the God he is, but we need Christ revealed to be the God that we are in this world.
Sentiments aside; Don't judge our songs by the sounds or the rhythm weather good or bad but by every articulated word of his grace that proceeds out of our mouth as sons through every pattern of music.
We are his mouthpiece and his representation.
You can reach us anytime, for your questions & contributions
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